Strengthen the Ground Underneath Your Foundation

Let our experts inject concrete lifting foam into your soil in Laramie or Cheyenne, WY

If you want to protect and support your property, DT Services can help in Laramie or Cheyenne, WY. We use FillFoam to effectively fill mines, wells, pipes and more. FillFoam doesn't create heat and is safe to install in any quantity. With a sturdy and solid site, you won't have to worry about your property.

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The benefits of deep foam

Deep foamjection is a concrete raising method that benefits your soil. Deep foam added to your soil can:

  • Repair unstable soil
  • Fill fissures, holes and ground voids
  • Reinforce soil without adding chemicals to it
  • Displace collected water and fill the resulting hole
  • Create a stronger foundation for support slabs and settled structures

Deep foam penetrates and fills weak points of the soil, and it won't change shape or degrade once it settles into place. If you have any questions about deep foam, reach out to us today.