Water in your basement?

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You may need a:

  • Sump Pump Install
  • Exterior and Interior Drain Tile
  • Pipe Penetration for water seeping in around pipes
  • Window Well Replacement and Covers
Gutter extensions. Get those gutter AWAY from the house. Underground systems guaranteed to get the water far from your foundation.

Foundation Wall Spray-We don't damp proof; we WATERPROOF! Our wall spray seals all cracks and provides a waterproofed foundation while adding insulating value. Takes as little as one hour to install and you can backfill as soon as we leave!

Why do I have water in my basement??

Water can enter you basement in many ways. Water can enter you basement in many ways.

  • High ground water can come through the cove joint and cracks in your floor.
  • Poor grading around your house and seepage over the top of your basement wall.
  • Poor gutter placement and water draining next to our foundation. Extend those gutters!!!
  • Window wells failing due to no covers or just old and needs replaced.
  • Cracks in your foundation.

Even though you think it's just a hairline crack, do know that crack goes all the way through the wall. Crack repair with an epoxy injection can stop water from entering basement.